sell your business card templates, vectors, logo templates and email templates

Our marketplace offers a diversified offer of theme and template for webmaster, graphic designer, e-merchant and blogger. We offer business card templates, vectors, logo templates and email templates. Bruno-editions is therefore aimed at anyone who owns a website, a blog, an online shop that wishes to graphically enrich its site, Bruno-editions also address graphic designers, webdesigners who wish to sell their creations and generate Of income and thus develop their business.

Sell ​​your creations:

You are graphic designers, webdesigners, and you want to sell your creations to generate income and thus develop your business. Once registered, you can sell all the products you want to sell online. You create, we sell, you get a commission.

Your income:

On each sale made, you receive a commission of 50%. There is no minimum transfer amount.

How it works :

At first, you create your account, then you propose your creations, this one are submitted for validation before being broadcast online. Once your creations are validated, they are online and buyers can buy your themes.

Who can sell?

Any person with a Siret number and registered in the commercial register.

How are creatives selected?

The creations put online are selected for their aesthetic quality, integration, documentation and ergonomics. If any of your creations have been refused, you can at any time ask us for explanations to correct the problem and re-propose your creation.

 You are graphic and independent, or an agency and you want to sell your creations and develop your business: